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About us

We believe in the power of Prayer!!

"I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, [and] giving of thanks, be made for all men; 1 Timothy 2:1

Erilyn Mellor

I grew up in a Christian home, went to many different churches throughout my childhood and accepted Jesus into my heart as a teenager, along with my sister Ashlie. I continued going to church and "filling a seat" for years, only occasionally serving in church ministries. As I became a young adult, I felt the taste of freedom and started living worldly and in the flesh and did so for several years. Drinking, smoking, doing whatever to experience a temporary high that never filled that void I was feeling. Living in sin and putting myself in so many bad situations hardened my heart and I didn't even want to be around a church or anyone that would speak about the consequences of sin and the Word of God. In 2016, I had a dream that I was teaching in a school and being reprimanded for talking about Jesus and that stirred up a fire inside of me.In that dream, I felt so bold and so proud to speak the name of Jesus, even through the persecution. I knew I needed to fully surrender my heart and serve the Lord. I started feeling conviction from the Holy Spirit about the way I was living, but I was also fighting it in the flesh and experiencing spiritual attacks of discouragement and despair. I began to repent and pray for the Lord to change my heart's desires. My eyes were opened! I was tired of making excuses for my willful sins and I started feeling a distaste for the things of the world that once bound me in chains. Last May 2017, I was baptized as a rededication to the Lord and my life has forever been changed! Less of me, more of Him! I am still "under construction" and I feel so humble and thankful that, even through my resistance, God showed me mercy, grace and forgiveness. Thank you, Lord!!


Spreading the Truth of the Gospel

Praying and witnessing outside of an abortion facility and a "Pride parade".

Ashlie Seabold

God never left me, or forsook me.

We grew up in church, we knew right from wrong. I knelt down by a couch with my sister Erilyn, at 12 years old and prayed for Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour. When I turned 16, I began acting out and partying. I ran away at 17 years old. At the age of 18 I was pregnant. I am saddened to say, if someone would have paid for an abortion and kept it a secret, I probably would have gone down that dark road. I was selfish and very scared. Praise the Lord, I had my son on my19th birthday. The Lord was merciful with me, and gave me a way out of an abusive relationship a couple of years later.

The next few years I went from job to job, relationship to relationship. I was neglectful of my son when it meant convenience for my life. This whole time I was popping into church here and there on Sundays. I would get dressed up and really play the part of a good Christian. Sometimes I'd be convicted from the Holy Spirit, but I would ignore it.

After getting married, I had my second child in 2014. A series of events began to happen after the birth of my daughter, (and coincidently the death of my grandmother). There were some dark supernatural situations. I had the presence of a demon or two in my room on occasion, they left after I cried out to Jesus Christ, the Son of God. All of this prompted me to start seeking the truth. I happened upon some videos of Tom Horn, and LA Marzulli, who were talking about "fringe topics", (but from a Biblical perspective). I still wasn't turning to the Bible for myself! Well, what happened next changed my life forever...

One evening, I was watching YouTube, and my little girl was watching a T.V. show beside me. Now, she was only speaking in short sentences at this time. She sat up, and crawled over to me. She poked my forehead and said, "Wake UP, and Read your Bible!" I was shocked she had said this long sentence. I began trying to understand why she said what she did? She did it again! The same exact thing! She crawled over to me, poked my forehead and said, "Wake UP, and read your Bible!" Just then the Presence of the Holy Spirit came flooding into the room. I sat up, and began reading my Bible! It changed my life!

I had rededicated my life to Christ. I was beginning to understand the Bible. Now, those demons, whose presences I felt in my room before, did come back. They didn't want me to let my sin life go. I cried out to Jesus for what felt like an entire night. This particular night, I had a vision of myself looking up toward a very bright light, and a gold helmet suddenly appeared on my head...I heard a booming voice say, "HELMET OF RIGHTEOUSNESS"! I thought, "Lord, I want to tell people that this happened!" I heard it again, "HELMET OF RIGHTEOUSNESS"! My Heavenly Father covered me in His righteousness that night. The spirits left. Glory to God!

After this, I was baptized in a lake, by none other than LA Marzulli, and Coach Dave Daubenmire. I am a servant of God. Praise His Holy Name!

Erilyn, with Pastor Paul Begley & Wife

Occupy Conference 2018

Our Baptism in the River

A small group of us were baptized in the river by LA Marzulli and Coach Dave Daubenmire.


Ashlie, with Greg Locke

An awesome group of speakers!

Go ye Therefore Conference. Russ Dizdar, Thomas Dunn, Mark Trump, Mike Spaulding, David Heavener, Coach Dave, Casper Mcloud & more. (We all lost Russ in 2021. He is with Jesus now, and greatly missed here.)

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